#9 Open Source Mythology

The 9th episode of our weekly podcast ‘Conversation with a Hacker’. Non-technical podcast about privacy, security and other mysteries. From a professional hacker.

Open source is another one of these buzzwords which people tend to have misconceptions on.
In this episode, Greg walks us through what it means, in simple terms, when a company’s product is advertised as being open source.
While open source certainly offers some benefits e.g. the ability to see the source code and modify the software to your own needs, nonetheless we should not mix up the notions of transparency, trust, privacy, and security, which contrary to popular belief, are very much different.

Topics addressed include:

  • What is an ‘open source’ product in simple terms?
  • What’s the point and advantage of open source?
  • Advantages vs disadvantages
  • Open source, transparency and trust: the common misconceptions
  • The illusion of trust: open source and transparency do not guarantee more privacy nor security
  • Recommendations on making better decisions when ‘trusting’ a product