#7 Are You Excited About Bluetooth?

The 7th episode of our weekly podcast ‘Conversation with a Hacker’. Non-technical podcast about privacy, security and other mysteries. From a professional hacker.

We all use Bluetooth so frequently, yet most of us know so little about it.
In this episode, Greg walks us through what it means to have your Bluetooth turned on, and on whether it makes us more vulnerable to potential attacks.

Topics addressed in this episode include:

  • What is Bluetooth?
  • Am I opening access to anything when I turn my Bluetooth on?
  • What are the implications of turning my Bluetooth on?
  • Bluetooth vs WiFi
  • How does one ‘hack’ into someone’s Bluetooth and what does it mean?
  • Different attacks on Bluetooth
  • Should you worry about turning your Bluetooth on? Low-risk profile vs high-risk profile
  • Privacy issues with Bluetooth