#5 Targeted Attacks: How Your Friends And Family Access Your Phone

The 5th episode of our weekly podcast ‘Conversation with a Hacker’. Non-technical podcast about privacy, security and other mysteries. From a professional hacker.

‘Targeted Attacks’
In this episode, Greg walks us through ‘targeted attacks’, and gives us some simple and practical tips on how to protect ourselves from them.

Topics addressed in this episode include:

  • High risk profiles targeted by hackers (different techniques e.g. exploits, zero days, numerical weapons) vs
  • Low risk profiles targeted by the people around you (friends and family) through social engineering attacks
  • Spy app: an unexpected example is a parental control app

Main tips mentioned to protect yourself include:

  • Update your phone
  • Apple better than Android. And if you go for Android, use a Google phone
  • Don’t install any weird app, limit the number of apps you install on your phone
  • Don’t have a smartphone
  • Use a VPN all the time
  • You can have two identities, two phone numbers
  • Put a passphrase
  • Use automatic lock in on your phone
  • Enable biometric access (fingerprint/faceID). Use Face ID only on Apple
  • Don’t lend your phone to anybody