#4 Hacking Your Smartphone Isn't That Hard

The 4th episode of our weekly podcast ‘Conversation with a Hacker’. Non-technical podcast about privacy, security and other mysteries. From a professional hacker.

‘Hacking smartphones’
In this episode, Greg talks about what it means to ‘hack’ a smartphone, with a brief overview of how it can be done, in both technical and non-technical ways.

Topics addressed in this episode include:

  • It’s not that difficult to hack a phone: it doesn’t necessarily require high technical skills
  • Different range of attacks: the closer you are, the easier
  • ‘Social engineering’ attack: what it means
  • Hacking a phone (technical) vs accessing a phone (not technical)
  • ‘Exploit’, numerical weapon: what it means
  • Parental control app: an example of a spy app
  • Not very difficult to hack into stuff, what is hard is not getting caught and being a ‘ghost’
  • High risk profiles vs low risk profiles

In next week’s episode, we’ll talk more about ‘personal targeted attacks’, and give you tips on how to protect yourself from them.