Greg is a professional hacker who worked for governments on classified projects. He was three years old when he first used a computer and started to program at eight. It was at the age of eleven, while analysing his first computer virus that his journey into security began. For more details about Greg's background here's the link to his personal page.

I met him at a party a couple of years ago. At the time he had already started working on a privacy-focused startup. A few months later he asked me to join him at Duple. I quit my job and set my foot in the startup world.

While beginning our startup journey I quickly got into this habit of asking him questions. Well, many questions. After all, my business partner is an IT expert who worked at a high level in the spying world. Obviously, I got curious. Wouldn't you be? Even though I'm not a technical person, I asked him about IT stuff, computers, security, smartphones, hackers, spying tools, etc. And I was fascinated.

"How can someone hack into my phone?", "What is encryption?", "Is it safe to connect my device to the airport public Wifi?". I had, and still have, all kinds of questions. And Greg has so far always done a great job at explaining complex and technical matters very simply.

However I'm not the only curious one out there. Wouldn't it be awesome for others to benefit from these conversations as well? Whether it be useful to them, or simply fun to listen to. Well, how about we turn it into a weekly podcast?

Let's keep it casual, non-technical, no BS. As Greg and I always have. Just a conversation.

Tales, tips and recommendations from a professional hacker. About privacy, security and all other kinds of mysteries.